Conference Chairman
  • Prof. Ahmed El Gohary (President of Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST))
Conference Co-Chairman
  • Prof.Essam Elkordy, Alexandria University
Conference Co-Chairman
  • Prof.Emad Ewais, CMRDI President
Conference Rapporteur
  • Prof. Amr El Tawil(Dean of IDE school(E-JUST))
Conference General Secretary
  • Prof. Masaki Suzuki¬†First Vice president for Regional and International Affairs (E-JUST)
  • Prof. Sameh Nada¬†Vice president for Educational and Academic Affairs

Organizing Committee

Head of Organizing Committee :
  • Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Moneim, Dean of Basic and Applied Sciences School (BAS)
  • Prof. Mohasen Hassan, Head of Materials Science and Engineering Department, E-JUST, Egypt
  • Prof. Affaf Al-Oufy, Faculty of engineering, Alexandria University , Egypt.
  • Prof. Mohamed Gepreel, E-JUST, Egypt.
  • Prof. Mohamed Rashad, CMRDI, Egypt.
  • Prof.Tarek Abdelfattah,professor of chemistry at CNU,USA
  • Prof. Osamu Tabata, Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS), Japan
  • Prof. Mahmoud Nasr,CMRDI,Egypt
  • Prof. Abdel-Moneim El-Batahgy ,CMRDI, Egypt
  • Prof. Mohamed El Kholy, Nanoscience Program, E-JUST, Egypt
  • Prof. Ahmed Osman Egiza, Biotechnology Program,E-JUST, Egypt
  • Prof. Ayman Mahrous, Energy Materials Program, E-JUST, Egypt
  • Prof. Waheed Zahra, Applied and Computional Mathematics, E-JUST,Egypt
  • Prof. Ahmed Abd El-Mawgood, Biotechnology,E-JUST, Egypt
  • Dr.-Ing Mohab Hossam, E-JUST,Egypt
  • Dr. Mohsen Farahat,CMRDI, Egypt